Fashion is a trend. Style lives within the person-Oscar De La Renta

The train rocked us from side to side as we traveled those familiar rails, our brains afforded the time to daydream or rest. There are those who chatter; their voices rose and blended with the sweet ritual of their friends, some absorb themselves in music, others drift into worries that will erase themselves upon arrival, […]

“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment and where you’re going”-Pharrell Williams

Who knew Florida had so much to offer photographers and models with: docks, freshwater springs, tannic swamps, pine lands, mangroves forests and expansive shorelines with barely another soul around. This weekend was a lot fun as I was able to shoot an abundance of content for the blog. Bear in mind that my photographer this […]

Markets in Johannesburg are the new business pitching venues

Markets are not just a place where people sell and buy stuff. They are much more than that, in fact markets have always been social places where people exchange ideas and get a sense of what’s trending in fashion, food, decor and design. With Joburg being the type of environment in which many ideas and […]

There’s a reason why denim never seems to go out of fashion…

Denim has a special place in in everyone’s wardrobe; so it comes as no surprise that the sturdy cotton fabric was well presented in the movies too. After all it’s comfortable, flattering and transcends time, age and gender. It reminds me of that time when Jean Claude Van Damme took denim to the screen in […]