Mbex is an ambivert who values and thrives on social life. To him life is a social maze of interconnectedness among people of various dispositions and cultures. Inspired by, fashion, music and dance Mbex has created this column in which he models on a weekly basis his personal style through cataloguing and choreography. This he does through tips for men on outfit fads as presented by leading and upcoming designers. He will also take you through trending dance moves from across the world in this blog. Mbex believes that image is everything and desires to take followers on a voyage of discovery on how to arrive at that everything! Fostering a culture of learning and growing through positive criticism. To this end, he will have you indulge with inspirational greats from the contemporary fashion world as they share their testimonies on what drives them. In the process he will impart a profound understanding of the influence of style on people’s lives. Mbex perceives fashion as an art of personal expression and not an excuse to impress or be popular and charismatic. His testimony – which he shares with many – is “being well dressed exudes confidence.” Style is like a meal which is a product of carefully selected ingredients meticulously mixed or matched to produce the desired outlook. While Mbex is also sometimes bound by the constraining dress codes he chooses to break the mould and says “forget the rules, if you like it wear it and if you own the look like the boss you are!” Tag along as Mbex guides you through this style and fashion journey and you will learn to use your closet to express yourself and impress others enough to just feel good in themselves. Remember every day is your own fashion show and the world is the runway.